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What's in a Name?
How does it work?
How do you transact?
Can someone abuse the system or take advantage of someone else?
Who keeps the books?
What do I have to offer?
What else is there, what's new?
Who should join? ,Why should someone join? ,What does it cost?
Choosing a country
Finding a city in a certain country
Unilets Legend

What's in a Name?
Names that you may see globally are:
"UNILETS" (United Nations International Local Employment-Trading System).
"LETS" (Local Employment-Trading System)
CC System or CCS for (Community Currency System),
"Tauschring" in Germany, 
"SEL" (Systemes d'Echange Local),SEL-JEU in France, 
"TimeDollars", "green-dollars" in US related cultures, 
"Ithaca Hours" in Ithaca and "hours" in other systems,
"Bytesring" or "Byttering" in Sweden, Norway, etc,
"Ruilkring LETS" in Finnland,
"Timedollars" and "Peanuts" in Japan 
"Trueque Clubs" in Argentina,
"Deans" in one UK system,
and likely many other names I have yet to see

How does it work?
Local Exchange Trading Schemes/systems (LETS) are barter systems through which a community can exchange its skills or services, without using any currency/money. There are many schemes operating throughout the world, the locals are listed in our search.

Local trading systems bring the local community together and put local people in touch with local skills. They are first line regeneration systems as they keep hard currency in the local community and bring people from all walks of life together. Unilets unifies the locals to allow our little planet to prosper.

It is "globalization" done by the people for the people and without any government intervention.

How do you transact?
It is simple to operate. Each member has a `record book' (we will supply an e-wallet very soon) currently most use bi-directional e-mails. There are no physical tokens - it's more like earning gold stars or brownie points. LETS currency is only earned by trading, so members put currency into their accounts by doing work for other members. If you want a job done on LETS, you phone someone in the directory and negotiate a `price' in the local currency units.

With LETS you do not barter in the normal sense of the word. It's like using imaginary money where you purchase a service or sell an item without doing a `swap'.

Can someone abuse the system or take advantage of someone else?
The scheme is self-regulating in practice. Members are trusted to use it fairly and as the accounts are published from time to time, all members can see how others operate. A member who only takes from the system is quickly seen and isolated. If a member leaves the scheme, they must leave their account at zero or in credit.

It must also be remembered that no interest is charged when you are in debit. When you first start, clearly you begin in debt but that is how one starts to transact. It works, as interest is never charged.

Who keeps the books?
When one member writes an e-mail for an amount of 'units' to another, the member in receipt of the payment sends the acknowledging e-mail, as soon as the e-wallet is available each e-mail will generate the required record on the respective computers.
Statements are sent out each month and lists of the work exchanged may be published out in e-mails, to show how active the system is and to encourage new members.

What do I have to offer?
Anything and everything that is legal.

Members can advertise items for sale in the Newsletter at no cost and are also encouraged to write articles.

All kinds of services, skills or even goods are offered on LETS and everyone can do something useful, whether it's a trade or profession like plumbing or legal-advice, or just help with ironing, gardening or baby-sitting.
Maybe you have a van to hire, a ladder to lend or just some muscle to get a wardrobe upstairs? You can also sell unwanted items. What you may feel is a simple thing to do - is usually needed by others!

One local reports, "One of the most popular trading area is food. Cakes, bread and vegetables are routinely traded at our monthly meetings and we have a car boot for members in the summer season."

One unilets member from North America went on a European trip and stayed in great places (private houses, B&Bs, etc) all on unilets units. No hard currency required.

What else is there, what's new?
Features that are coming soon

- iphone application - Cyber or e wallet (PDA based, own computer based, or totally web-based)
- Cyber or e shingle (web presence your business or service on

- Special offers and ads
- Custom directory entries...example, search by headings like "accommodations"," car repair", etc
- Each community edits it own systems information (passwords, etc)
- Bonus descriptions about your system on the web @look
- You will be able to join on the web
- You will be able to trade on the web
- Newsletter, news
- Stuff you suggest...we are a community

Who should join? ,Why should someone join? ,What does it cost?
Everyone can and should join. There is no cost, and likely a large benefit. Swap trade and barter what you have for what you want. It is that simple.

Finding a city in a certain country
Simply chooose a country from the drop down menu on the left, and click "Search". After the results are found for that country, simply choose the corresponding letter for the city you are looking for.

I get no results for certain letters
Some countries either have no city's / town's with names starting with that letter, or no city's / town's with LETS in them.

Unilets Legend
The legend is a collection of images we use to shortcut certain options. For example the Click To Visit LETS Users Website image indicates that the LETS user has a webpage, simply click on that image and you will be taken to that users website.